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Default MX52 vs MX32

When we bought our P3 last year, For whatever reason, I decided we needed to run MX32's instead. I since read that the big guys hate the 52 front, but Cobra sends them out stock. My 5yr old rides hardpack often and has good corner speed on it. Enough that I wait for him to loose the front on turns quite often. Usually it turns out fine, but he has had several where the front lets go. I was thinking about trying the stock 52 front, just to see, but figured I would get some input here first. Do people actually change tires on 50's depending on track, or do you find something you like and just run it?
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Default Re: MX52 vs MX32

Dunlop designs the rires for condituons, they are good at what they do. If you are hard pack-intermediate then run the 52. Sand, loamy, mud soils are mx 32. If your son is starting to loose the front end look at his riding form. Most kids that young are not over the front of the bike properly during corners. Google cornering mx techniques, watch some vids. Go out and analyze his form, adjust accordingly. Also make sure your tires are fresh/good condition, air pressure 12-15 psi
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Default Re: MX52 vs MX32

We run 52 for indoors, 32s outside. Always seems to work great with no problems that way
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Default Re: MX52 vs MX32

i change tires depending on the soil 32 in soft dirt northern California and 52 in hard dirt southern California. seems to work good for my son i will say that i think the 32 wear out faster.
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Unread 01-27-2017, 10:33 AM   #5
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Default Re: MX52 vs MX32

I think a 52 tends to "hook up" a little more that the 32 in any conditions... But for this problem, the way you described it and your boy, I would probably look at the suspension set up over the tire set up.
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Default Re: MX52 vs MX32

It really all depends on the track conditions. For the front the 32 works the best in my opinion on a wider variety of track conditions. The 52 will work best on hard pack conditions. More rubber to the ground provides more traction and therefore is less likely to slide out. The 32 on hard pack has less rubber contact points due to the spacing of the knobbies and is more likely to roll. For the rear the 52 works well in most conditions, and due to not wearing down as fast is a better all around tire. The 32 however offers superior traction in the mud. For me, 52 for hard pack and 32 for everything else. Just depends on what you ride the majority of the time.
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Default Re: MX52 vs MX32

Great advice. I think based on reply's that I know what is going on. Due to him only being 5, I took a very little bit of sag out of the rear to get his feet on the ground to be comfortable. This has probably unloaded the front a little (made worse by the upright body position). Sounds like it is time to set the sag to spec now. It was never a problem, but I didn't want him to start slowing down from having a few crashes. It also validates that the 52 is a good tire contradictory to what the "experts" on the internet say. Thanks for all of your reply's.
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Default Re: MX52 vs MX32

I've never been a fan of the 52 front tire, ran one of my bike and it always felt like the front end could wash out at any moment compared to the solid feeling I'd get from the 32. I basically run a 32 front tire all season long and then switch my sons rear tire depending on the season and conditions.
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